Our school held a seminar on the development of strategic planning for Biomedical Engineering

 2016-7-25 Latest

On July 23, 2016 ,13:00, the seminar on the development of strategic planning and development of Biomedical Engineering in our school was successfully held in the 301 conference room in the executive building. Department of Biomedical Engineering Professor Guo Xiangdong presided over the meeting, the Dean Professor Xiao Guozhi (Department of biology, Professor of the Biomedical Engineering), Professor Tian Yanqing ,deputy director of Department of Materials, Department of Biomedical Engineering, executive director Professor Chen Fangyi, associate professor Tang Bin, Associate Professor Chen Fei, Associate Professor Tian Leilei, Department of materials, the leaders of Ministry of Planning and Development, Ministry of International Cooperation , and the staff of the Biomedical Engineering, Shenzhen Medical Technology Co.Ltd 18 representatives attended the seminar.


13:00 to 15:00, the first item on the meeting agenda is the research report  in the field of our school of Biomedical Engineering, It is the first time of these professors in the field of biomedical engineering to make communication for the further clarifying the research direction, and providing a good foundation for the joint declaration of the biomedical engineering projects.


After the research report , the second item on the agenda is the establishment plan and leadership expectations. Firstly, Professor Guo Xiangdong proposed the construction plan of the SUSTech - Columbia Department of Biomedical Engineering, describes the "3A" concept, "3A" culture are Adventurous , Arduous and Amiable, this is the development concept of all the staff and students are to be held.

President Chen Shiyi agreed with the 3A culture of the Biomedical Engineering and put forward three expectations and requirements, one is internalization, and make exchange visits with the world-class universities more often, we should make every efforts to establish a world-class level of Biomedical Engineering Department relying on Columbia University.; Second, ahead of the layout, be brave and achieve leapfrog development; Third, outstanding talent assessment system, from the Department of biomedical engineering as the pilot, not only focus on scientific research articles, but also pay attention to the researchers who are making efforts to do the core scientific research issues, and vigorously introduce innovative talents.

Third items on the agenda is free discussion, Professor Xiao Guozhi is full of confidence on the development of the Department of Biomedical Engineering, and said that the Department of Biology will unconditionally support of the Department of Biomedical Engineering, and carry out research cooperation in various fields. Professors discussed the key research direction, industrialization, internationalization, talent introduction and exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad, etc.

Finally, under the auspices of Professor Guo Xiangdong, the participants of the meeting sorted out the 2016-2017 action plan and the five year plan of the  Biomedical Engineering, and clarify the long-term development thought of Biomedical Engineering.