Our department held a regular meeting in September

2016-9-27 Latest 

On the afternoon of September 27, 2016, Biomedical Engineering held September regular meeting in the Administration Building Conference Room 301, which was chaired by Professor Guo Xiangdong. Vice president Tang Tao, senior adviser, director Guo Xiangdong, executive dean Chen Fangyi, Tang Bin, Shi Peng, Peng Cheng, Du E, Zhou Bin, Wang Dan, Chen Ying and Du Li attended the meeting.

Firstly, Professor Guo Xiangdong introduced the system of "innovation, arduous, amiable culture and encouraged us to think before solving problems, create a daring adventure, willing to be hard, willing to be harmonious team atmosphere; Secondly, Professor Guo Xiangdong introduced the five years’ plan in scientific research, talent recruitment, teaching planning, personnel recruitment is an important work in this year, and will introduce 3 professors. Last, he hopes that we can complete the recruitment target.

Vice President Tang Tao agreed with Professor Guo ideas. First of all, vice president Tang Tao introduced our development ideas, encourage competition, survival of the fittest; Secondly, vice president Tang Tao introduced our joint training situation, combined with the school culture idea, our department improved the joint training program o between our department and the United States Columbia University. Then, Vice President Tang Tao introduced the ideas and methods of talent recruitment, vice president Tang Tao communicated with some professors in the meeting.

Lastly, on the 2017 budget in our Department, professional assessment, Columbia University program, scholarship assessment methods, publicity work, talent recruitment were discussed in the meeting. After the meeting, we all staff took photos in front of the building.