Our department was invited to attend the 2017 China Biomedical Engineering Conference
Comprehensive news     April 23rd, 2017

On April 21st, 2017, the 2017 China Biomedical Engineering Conference and Innovation Medical Summit opened in Beijing. In order to strengthen exchange with domestic biomedical engineering peers, Professor Guo Xiangdong, Dean and creator of our department, Chen Fangyi, Executive Dean and Associate Professor, Professor Wu Changfeng, and Associate Professor Tang Bin attended the meeting. Our department obtained the title sponsorship of Biomedical Photonics Society. Professor Wu Changfeng and Associate Professor Chen Fangyi respectively gave a speech on "Fluorescence Modulation and Optical Imaging of Polymer Quantum Dots" and "Middle Ear Nondestructive Testing System Based on Phase Sensitive OCT".

Associate Professor Chen Fangyi is giving a speech on Biomedical Photonics for young scholars at the symposium.

The conference was sponsored by the China Biomedical Engineering Society and China Academy of Medical Science to build academic exchange platform for interdisciplinary biomedical engineering, further international cooperation, promote innovation and development of China’s health-oriented biomedical engineering industry. In order to fully reflect the characteristics and advantages of involving a wide range of fields, outstanding interdisciplinary integration and the fastest application of new technology in the field of biomedical engineering, and comprehensively promote the academic exchanges, the conference set up 9 forums and academic research in the field of 23 professionals, covering the frontiers of biomedical engineering and life sciences such as biomedical data, brain science, medical imaging, medical robots, wearable technology, biological materials, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, nanomedicine, etc. and also organized in-depth discussion on development trend of medical science and technology, biomedical engineering education, medical equipment innovation, medical research and combination of medicine, enterprise and research in biomedical engineering. The participants at the conference shared the latest academic research results, discussed hot issues in practice and exchanged ideas, working together to address the challenges on the way to development of integration of medicine and engineering.

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Our department obtained the title sponsorship of Biomedical Photonics Society.


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It is reported that the theme of this conference is "integral development of medicine and engineering, innovation leading the future". Biomedical engineering, as an integrated and health-oriented inter discipline with multidisciplinary integration and development, cannot do without close integration of medical and engineering technology, especially combination with high technology in the development of each step. It is understood that the participants come not only from fields of "production, learning, research, medicine", but also from important positions of scientific and technological management, industry supervision, technical review. The display form of the meeting combined "meeting, exhibition, competition with performance.”

The conference issued the "Huang Jiasi biomedical engineering award". The award was established by Chinese Society of Biomedical Engineering (CSBE), named after the first chairman and member of CSBE Huang Jiasi, to emphasize the fusion of biomedical science and engineering, promote original innovation based on the local places and encourage research on clinical application for drive. The three first prizes were respectively won by the teams led by Academician Cheng Jing, Academician Yu Mengsun and Professor Fan Yubo. In order to stimulate the enthusiasm and pursuit for the cause of young people, the conference would also issue the "Thesis Award for Outstanding Youth " to encourage the growth and talent of new-rising force that loves new biomedical research.

Photo of the professors of our department with Academician Yu Mengsun (the third on the left)